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Margaret Wright
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Beloved, are there situations fearfully threatening?

Take your eyes off the situations and call upon God

As Peter did while he began to sink.

When God is your only hope He can reverse ANY situation!


Are there waves and billows overwhelming you now?

Turn your eyes on the Creator of the waves and billows

For they must obey His command and they will become

His waves and His billows working out His plans - Reversed!


If you find yourself trapped, blocked on the right hand and on the left

And the enemy is gaining ground behind you?

Look up and call on your mighty miracle working God

Who will make a way where there is no way out, as at the Red Sea


God will bring you out of the trap and give you true liberty

Where you will see your enemies no more

When a man's ways please the Lord

His enemies become his friends, reversed by the Lord!


Beloved, do you feel everyone is against you?

Destruction is determined and gallows await you?

Remember, God IS in control of

ALL things, ALL persons, ALL situations

Do what Mordecai did - fast and pray!


God will reverse every situation, as He did for Mordecai!

Beloved, let God through His Word be your confidence!

God chose YOU before the foundations of the world

God will perfect that which concerns YOU like He promised


God cannot lie nor fail and He never makes a mistake!

God's Word cannot be negotiated nor reversed!

What God has declared, the Lord will perform, no matter what!

Keep your eyes upon Him, and keep praising Him


For God alone can make ALL things work together for your good!

God Who hangs the earth on NOTHING and sustains it, will sustain YOU

Therefore know, there is NOTHING too hard for the Lord to do!

Keep praising Him, as praise is faith at work!

God alone can reverse ANY and EVERY situation for YOU!


(Given to Margaret Wright on 17.12.2009)



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